Dallas, Texas

Honestly, I don't really mind, but it would be nice to finish the quest and get it off my menu. After I have talked to Nepos and I need to return to Eltrys in the Forsworn Conspiracy quest, when I enter the Shrine of Talos, Eltrys is dead.

I know this is supposed to happen and the guards are supposed to whisk you off to Cidhna Mine, finishing the Forsworn Conspiracy and starting the new quest "No One Leaves Cidhna Mine", but instead they do not try to arrest me. Even when I killed one of them and they put me in the Mine, the quest did not start or finish. I play on my Xbox360, so there is no console command I can type in to finish the Forsworn Conspiracy.

I have tried everything, but now the guards are gone. Maybe a new patch would fix this glitch.

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