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This is absolutely unacceptable Bethesda i spent at the very minimum 400$ in the atomic shop thruoit my joker playthrough i even stream it i put my xbox in rest mode go to sleep wake up to play again and for some reason im signed out of the account so i sign back in and i cant see atmic shop or select a character or anything im like wait whats going on? So i just make a random character just to quit go to main menu and go to character select to find that my character is gone and in the atomic shop all the *** i bought was gone!

My jester mask and all my leveling GONE! So then im patent i message yall submit a ticket go back and forth for days now thru email just for some guy to send me a message saying ohwell there is nothing yall can do!!! That yall pretty much robbed my $ is this your idea of customer support? You couldve atleast offered 400$ worth of atoms even if u cant bring my old *** back, that would atleast soften the blow of me losing EVERYTHING i bought, on top of that u couldve gave my account, MY JESTER MASK BACK and my plan sets or the cap to buy my plan sets and bulk junk again to help make my REGRIND a bit easier, ive stuck thru with yall during everything, all the backlash ur fans and consumers deserve better customer service then this, stuff like this will make players scared to spend $ in ur atomic shop if one can just lose everything for no reason at all.

I dont understand even in my photo gallery all my pictures are still there of my character, wearing in the atomic items and fauscnaut mask and now everything i bought is gone and locked behind paywalls again.

And yall say ohwell thanks for the money theres nothing we can do? ill be calling tomorrow yall need to fix this and do right by ur players

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 76 Video Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: I want my jester mask back on my account and all my atomic items, if you cannot recover the character or the atomic items I bought then I'd like atleast 400$ in atomic points and caps to buy plans back, but most important my atomic items and jester mask.

  • Stole From Customer
  • Stole Money
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