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Another title from Bethesda Soft-works and another Giant let down. What is it with Bethesda being the leader of games that glitch and freeze? We should start a petition to either put them out of business, or to install a regulation testing board for all games. That way, no game company can release a game if it has so many glitches and freezes such as everything Bethesda has ever released. They aren't the only ones to release bad games, but they're the leaders in the gaming community.

Don't buy this game and expect everything to run smooth because you're in for a big disappointment.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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Bethesda will never listen. They make too much money from people who believe it will never happen to them: the game crashes, freezes, glitches in quests that are poorly written.

I've bought and played 3 Bethesda games - what a fool, me - but finishing the games have been hopeless. They have our money and we've got the poorly made games.


After Skyrim, no more Bethesda. No matter how many people say their games are awesome.

Never again.

If Bethesda was anywhere near the games I'll pass. Next...


My game used to play pretty much flawless. Then I installed the 3 expansion packs and the game is virtually unplayable now :( I am on Xbox360, and I have deleted all my save games.

I have about 6 total. I only have one character who is level 52. But since installing the expansion packs the game freezes every 10-20 minutes. I have to completely turn the Xbox off and back on.

I wish I hadn't installed the 3 expansions. :( Lost a lot of hours work.


I've been playing skyrim for over a year. In the beginning there were a TON of glitches.

A couple of patches later and stuff was starting to work ok. I just recently downloaded 2 dlc's and all of a sudden my game freezes every time I try to save. Not only did bethesda release a SUPER buggy game (and all you who think other games are worse need to pay attention) they released SUPER BUGGY DLC'S!!!!! I would've GLADLY waited longer for a complete and glitch free (or as much as possible) game.

This is BY FAR the worst glitch problem I've had with a game EVER.

I'm on xbox btw not a pc or ps3 which from what I've heard had it even worse. Damnit bethesda be the awesome gaming company you could be and stop being lazy smart people.


I've payed the demanded price for the game, so i expect the purchased product to work properly - no matter if its a pair of socks, a console game, a car or a house. Besides, ever tried to get your money back for an unpacked console game because of lags and freezes?

At least here in my country it won't work. Bethesda knew about the complaints regarding their products, they didn't do it better, ergo Bethesda sucks in europe too.


If you guys can't deal with some freezing/glitches, then you're idiots. It's a great game, with *** loads of stuff to do. If you don't like the game, rather than complaining like a bunch of little kids that skinned their knees, get rid of the game, burn it, smash it with a hammer, trade it in, just stop ***.


I'm standing at 93 hours in Skyrim, and now i'm stuck in Blackreach on the main quest line. What a waste of money.

I will not be buying any more Bethesda products. I honestly think we need to initiate a class action lawsuit against them so they know we will not tolerate buggy-*** games.


Never played ANY game on PS3 that froze up like Skyrim. Tried playing the same part of the game 6 times, and it repeatedly locked up. A huge dissapointment.


No, you're the *** f'n ***. It says clearly that I'm on a PS3.

And Bethesda is NOT trying to fix their damned glitches, just like they never tried to fix the *** in fallout new vegas. I posted the review, complaint so others can see that there are people that hate it because of all the freezes and other *** that goes on in the game.

I'm not the only one that thinks it sucks, and that Bethesda sucks. So YOU are the one that needs to go screw yourself and not read my postings on stuff if you don't like what I have to say about it!


Really? Games have glitches in them?? No ***. Get over yourself.

You can't blame Bethesda for having troubles with a game. All games will have issues, and most are far worse than Bethesda. At least they are doing their best to fix the issues.

Most importantly, if you're running it on a commuter, you gotta understand that all computers are different and do not work the same. Yours is clearly just a piece of ***.


I have to agree that Bethesda is professional at releasing games that get choppy & freeze - not on my computer, I have a console, you know, the fun way to game.

I worked for Lucas Arts back in the 90's and I saw this becoming the way of the industry, release an incomplete game and then force your support staff to deal with the consequences while the developers eat doritos & drink mountain dew while being social and barely working.

I have seen it 1st hand. You'd think that they would release a more finished product since the game has already been released under the name fallout, they just had to change things - the engine is the same.

That's the good ol' USA at this point, feed 'em what they'll eat and then make them pay for more.... :(


He's right. Gamers deserve the truth in opinions from anyone and everyone.

You can't tell one person to shut up without offending a bunch of others. Games are the future, and it's heading down a dark path if all we have to look forward to are releases that freeze, glitch or crash our systems. I for one will never buy a Bethesda game, nor Square Ennix. 2 of the worse companies/franchises of screwed up game releases.

Sheepdog sounds like he should be more into the FPS games, or in diapers, whichever will calm him down a bit.

Let others have their opinions of the games they think are ***. I'm on the boat with the original writer saying that Bethesda games suck and there should be better committees out there stopping the release of ***.


Wait for a patch?! Are you kidding me?!

Games should not be allowed to release with so many damned bugs. Screw Nukem and you too! I've put out the word for those that want a real review or opinion of the game. I am an old game nerd, and have played a lot of games.

Probably at least have 10 years on you. Go back to your diapers and pacifiers and leave the real gaming reviews go to us that are experienced enough to know a good game. Bethesda is getting worse, as well as every other gaming franchise out there.

There should be better review boards keeping this *** from coming out until ALL bugs are fixed! Not just the ones that kept it from playing at E3, like what happened with Skyrim, Rage and 3 other games.


Man are you kidding me, it just came out and you cant even wait for a patch. besides you probubly enjoy a simple game, why don't you go play duke nukem and leave the elder scrolls games to the real gamers.


What was that about re-posting? I never posted for anything against Skyrim.

Fallout new vegas, but not skyrim. I don't do games on PC, ever. They suck anyway with all of the extra buttons you have to remember. I have a ps3, and happy with it, except for bethesda games.

and it's not worthless ***!

It's for those that look up reviews about the game before deciding to buy it or not. You need to go sit on a hot poker and don't read my postings if you don't like what I have to say!


heres a tip, buy a better pc. My game has never frozen. some minor glitches but nothing game affecting.


Stop reposting!!! We got the hint the first time you posted this worthless cr@p you d0lt.