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I bought fallout 4 game of the year addition and put it on my Xbox one and installed it I didn't know at the time I need Xbox live because I don't have internet this was in February. So I wated a couple of months and started using the hot spot on my cell phone and recently bought Xbox live well I could not remember my info on my one profile to get on x box live so I made another one so i can use the dlc bout for some reason it still will not let me yous it it's saying it's on my Xbox but one I go to the game home screen its saying there not installed.

I'm not looking for a refund are anything I just won't to be able to play the dlc I bought.

I love the game and a few others that yous make. Please help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 4 Video Game.

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I'm sorry for you: did you get the help you asked for? You seem like a nice person, but so do all the other people who post on here. But Bethesda does not do nice things for nice people.

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