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I did everything required to earn this achievment exactly as it was supposed to be done and my achievment for "Oblivion Walker" will not unlock. I did this on a second character since I messed up a few of the tasks on my first character.

I meticulously researched , performed , and retrieved all artifacts needed for this achievment; and didn't get it to unlock. I am very upset since this is the last achievment I need to have them all 75. This would be the first time I ever played a game in which I acomplised this feat.

I've put so much into this game that I feel a deep sense of betrayal by Bethesda for making such a "glitchy" game. Will there ever be a patch that remedys this error or am to remained a dissatisfied customer?

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Agreed, I've played the game through several times and still no Oblivion Walker. I can live without the achievement, what really irks me is the loadscreen freezing when exiting one of the new Hearthfire homes. Waste of my money, buying that DLC.