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This is a warning for anyone thinking of purchasing Fallout New Vegas for the XBOX 360. It saves your progress as "Corrupt" with no warning at random. This happened to me once with an auto-save that now requires me to load an old manual save from 5 hours worth of playing time later. Whenever I try to load "Corrupt" it gives me an error message that says "The save game is corrupt and cannot be loaded". The error occurred after the game froze between doorways on a black screen and I had to turn off my XBOX 360 so that I could load the game properly.

This is completely unacceptable for a finished product. I could understand if I were a PC user and I had a mod of some kind installed, but I just have the strait out of the box with whatever patches have been applied via XBOX Live version. I would take the game back to the store for a refund, but I still want to try to beat the game and I think all the store would do is give me a new disc which of course would not compensate me for the lost playing time. I also doubt that Bathesda Software would take my word on this and issue me a refund as part of their apology for the time of my life that I would like back.

If anyone reading this is thinking about buying Fallout New Vegas for the XBOX 360 do not buy it for that system unless you have no other options and remember to manually save your progress often because the auto-save feature will save files as "Corrupt".

Monetary Loss: $59.

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This needs to be fixed i was going into the door that leads to the mouth of the dinosaur in novac and the game loads like it should the goes black. There is no reason Bethesda should have let this glich past the do perfectly on fo3 and fo4 but for no reason rush throuh and do not care about their customers at all in this game.

If they knew this would happen why would they put it out in stores without fixing it. It is a great game i thought was a 5star game but when this happened it went to 1 star.


Same happened to me. I just finished the lonesome road dlc and later on I was walking into freesia when my screen went black between doorways.

I opened the tray and closed it and it said my save file was corrupt.

*** *** if you ask me. My last save file was before I confronted Ulysses btw.


I made some mistakes. I meant to say freeside.

And by opening the tray I mean the Xbox 360 tray. When I loaded it back up it said corrupted.


I have new Vegas for the 360, no issues here but my atuosave feature seems not to be working, I have to manually save. It happens when I got my hard drive, when I look on load all auto saves and regular saves are there...


It's not just the XBOX 360 versions, it's all versions! Bethsoft has Done NOTHING to fix any of the problems.

The P.C. gammers get the worst end of the deal, When the game crashes it will lock up your system and corrupt everything else, including your O.S. Honestly, Bethsoft, and Valve/Steam, need to either fix all these problems, or face Criminal and Civil charges for deliberatly selling software that they refuse to support.

Bethsoft/Obsidion/Steam games are a BIG RIP OFF! (Oh and watch the Steam Down Loads...I have found 3 viruses in them!)


Bethesda has known about the buggy saves for years now and they never have bothered to fix it Skyrim has them to a lesser extent.That is just part of playing a Bethesda RPG I am in no way defending them merely stating that they have a track record with this issue and a track record of not fixing it.

The most easy way to avoid getting corrupt saves in the first place is very simple and this has been posted many times as well.

1.Dont not use autosave or quick save

2.Each time you save manually save as a new save every time (do not over write saves)

3.Save manually often at least once per hour of play and before you do anything major.

4.Make a save before you begin a quest.

5.Get rid of corrupted saves.

Yeah the piles of saves that you will bulid up is annoying but people have made mods and programs that help you sort them.

The problem with your system is that if a save was corrupted it still will be once a save file corrupts itself you need to git rid of it hense the saving on a regular basis.Just becuase a save file that was corrupt winds up loading at some point does not mean that is suddenly clean you might play for hours and then discover that a quest is broken.

The loading loop alone is not a sign of a corrupt save either.If you get a loop you should exit the game and come back in and try to load the same file again sometimes it will work fine.If you come back in and you still get the loading loop again and you have verified cache and such then the save file is likely corrupted.


just had all my saves go corrupt after close to 100 hrs in. had 80 saves too. but life goes on, still a good game though


I'm going to say this as I am a Fallout fan of the game and not the designers since they can not seem to fix a script coding in texture render of distance as thats why the systems VIA console or PC crashes. Its simple to lower down the distance load out and allow the game to be taken slow tender, but who here wants that.

That game is for free roam not forced into certain ways or directions to keep from crashing. The game was not forced out of fast release, but it was low bid in making. Maybe the Truicore designer team at Betha can take notes from the designers Gr1Delta on Oblivion and Elder scrolls. Just a idea since scripting of this game is main affect of bug out crash.

Texture renders to high and the console(s) overheat or PC graphics render core fails on load out. On another note if your a gamer stuck at home thats fine aslong as your getting done with things in your life or if your a annoying pissed person who tends to take your issues out on others like Brad there then maybe you should sell your stuff and leave the internet in " in this world you do not below on this internet you do not fit in" LOG OFF.


Black Screen (Corrupted Saves Bug)

same problem here but for me it doesnt corrupt a save on its own, its just sometimes i get black screens afther the loading screen

i can hear the sound of it being loaded but its just a blacks screen , the only way to get out of the black screen is turning off my xbox360 but when i turn it back on it says my save is corrupted if they cant fix the black screen loading bug why dont they make it so you get multiple autosaves? like other games give you 3 autosaves, that way you dont lose mutliple hours whenever something happens that *** up your save!!

they really should fix the game because nobody will buy a new fallout with all the bugs in this game


I wonder if there's a connection between the black loading screen and the corrupted save? That's what happened to me and what, in turn, brought me here


im having the same prob with my Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. this sucks.


i dont know how long its been but i accidentally deleted my auto save


I have noticed that saving often on my own has worked just fine. However, when I go into actual new vegas the auto save gets corrupted.

Now, I go into my xbox memory not the games & delet the corrupted file then go somewhere else instead & still save often until patch is ready. I am playing Hard & Hardcore. I have over 75 hours @ level 28. Waiting for patch.

Lots of fun. Its like Oblivian & Fallout 3 in 1.


Brad shut up. no one need to hear your goofy *** mouth over the internet.

seriouly its a very frustrating problem. would liked to beat somebody at the time but im a pretty leveled head dude so i figured i just make a guy kill everybody i meet in the game until the patch is released.

that will help take care of my anger issue.

Its ok you can call fat lazy whatever you want really i dont give a flying F i just cant stand it when people think that there hot *** when in the end there just another someone who thinks their somebody.


Fallout New Vegas shipped with bugs, that one was one of them. Happened to me too, luckily i only lost an hour and a half.

Even if you tried to exchange the disk, unfortunately, they all shipped with most of the same bugs, the only thing that will fix them are the patches that Bethesda will put out eventually. Sorry your having issues.


How the *** am I going to get out of the house when I'm home from work sick and having the replay to get back to the point I was at?


Oh my god! I feel so bad for you; having played for so many hours only to lose your progress.

Oh well, now you can at least get out of the house once in a while and get some excercise.

Oh wait, that's a terrible idea. Why would you want to lose all that sexy fat you've been piling on over the years.