Houston, Texas

Dear Bethesda, and High ranking game designer individuals; it has occurred to me that many people here in Texas did, and don’t appreciate the new style of Gameplay that is Fallout 76. This past year I was introduced to your series Fallout. I immediately fell in love with the amazing style of game that it was. It truly made me feel as if I was living in post apocalyptic 50,s America. Personally I myself look at the fifties as the absolute best time in American history when people dreamt of new technologies and when comic books lined the shelves of drug store windows. Fallout takes me back to a time when people loved our country and when pride flooded the American soul. However, “76” although a great well thought out game did not provide that spark of America that I looked for. In 2010 Bethesda released a well received game....to me the best video game I’d ever played up to that time. The introduction of Fallout NEW VEGAS was by far the most fun I had ever playing a video game. The game not only provides a feel of apocalypse, but is very detailed in how history played out. The game even goes as far as to put a b29 at the bottom of lake mead. Outstanding! All I’m saying is that your company had an amazing formula for a game. It was incredibly amazing in every way.

If your company considers making a new fallout game , I ask only 3 things .....make it #1-“desert” #2-make it single player with lots of amazing characters.... and finally number #3- make it true to what America was ......the greatest nation in the world , filled with red blooded pride, and imagination.

I hope you will consider the opportunity that you have to inspire people again.

Sent from the 50’s appreciator

Avery S ....903-258-8213

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 76 Video Game.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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