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This game is BS. I rented the game so no code to play that its asking for.

Good thing I did rent it so I didn't waste $60 for another pos game xbox is releasing. All these games are required internet connection to play. What a crock of *** They need to tell people that *** before wasting your time and money. Also Fallout 4 I could play offline no issues.

This game just came out and there is already a 50gb update. I live out in the country so my internet is limited so I rent the game and have to spend a rent night downloading your BS updates and now its asking for a code. Waste of money and time. I will not ever buy another product from you guys.

There shouldn't be a reason we have to update the game or have to play online. If I buy the game it should be on the disk ready to play. Just a way for you *** to make more money.

$60 for a game that yall brag about selling millions of copies just to charge people for add ons later and lie about developments expenses. Kiss my *** I wont make the mistake again and I will let people know its a waste of hard earn money to buy since you pigs wont tell anyone..

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 76 Video Game.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Charles B

Wow your a *** to compare internet to any of the electricity or gas. There is millions of players out there that can play online or even want to.

Its nice to chill sometimes and play at your own pace BTW I have been a online player longer than your *** has been alive I am sure. I have internet access and the thing is a lot of people out here I know play but our internet is all satelite. The satelite is great and fast but the upload speed is horrible. So when you play online it doesn't work right.

I knew it was online play but if you haven't played the game yet shut your mouth. I figured you had a option like most ganes should instead of forcing it on u. They make more money and control more aspects this way. This game is too in depth online.

One example is it saves online automatically. You can't save it. So if you completed a tough part of the game and you drop connection in any way you lose that spot . Also you can't pause the game like before .

So when in your pip boy if you need to level up or do a quick action the play around will not stop.

Other players or game characters can attack you. No pausing just quitting if u need to take a *** or get your phone.

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