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Fallout 76 has a major player versus player issue which makes this game undesirable. I had just spawned in and another player engages with me and kills me when I open up my pip boy to look at some items in there.

When I died he took two days worth of my junk. I am robbed of TWO ENTIRE DAYS WORTH! This enrages me! How is this okay that players can just come in and kill you like that.

He did this to me 6 times and I about near had the urge to chuck my xbox over my balcony. I do not appreciate this feature where other players can just come an kill you even when you want to be left alone. I did not want to engage but he was killing me. My suggested solution, take all damage off.

Do NOT allow other players to kill you if you are not engaging back. I simply wanted to be left alone and just play the game. This is not a true playable game if you want to be solo. Secondly he turned around and did the same thing to my teammate.

I got enraged and I tried to kill him after. It was like he had some God mode glitch where my damage didn’t do anything. He was 5 ranks above me. My friend was about 20 ranks below him.

He also had a friend that tagged teamed us. He preceded to block me and then reported me. He is a bully. I am not alone in these actions.

Also what is worse he has an achievement for killing 20 players! So Bethesda influences and encourages this! THIS IS NOT OKAY! Some people want to be entirely left alone and just do missions.

He took my hard earned junk, as well as robbed me of my time playing the game. So people who are lazy and feel like being unsportmens like and a jerk they can be, because Bethesda allows it and encourages it with achievements! That makes this game undesirable. As well as server crashes and losing workshops when its not even our fault that the server crashes.

So all those resources, GONE! Please fix and make changes. I enjoy Fallout, but I can’t play a game where my progress can be instantly taken away from me.

There are SEVERAL complaints about this all over online. PLEASE FIX THIS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 76 Video Game.

Reason of review: in game problems.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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