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Once I called I did manage to reach a live person yet when I told them my problem I was told "one moment please" and instantly sent to the voice mail message. I understand that they may not wish to deal with gamers' problems during the holiday however that's what they are payed to do.

I have had my problem for a few months and only recently remembered about after trying to play the game today.

I had hoped to resolve the issue with the call but as I said I was instantly sent to voice mail after the problem was stated. I hope such behavior will be fixed in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Bethesda Softworks Cons: Support.

  • Elder Scrolls
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Typical support treatment. Bethesda has your money, you have their junk.

Support people treat customers that way because the can: the superiority they must feel!

Small minds, small people. Let's quit giving them our money, okay?

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