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I don't know how this software company can stay in business. Granted only game that I've purchased from them is The Elders Scroll: Skyrim. Yes I'm overly trilled over the game, and I love it for it's beauty, but the writing is terrible. For an example you are given the choice of joining the ranks of the Stormcloaks or the Imperial legion. You only get to invade or protect 2 major cities, and the rest are military forts. Wow big deal. The Civil war is way too short. If you're a PC user you can browse through some of the files with a converter, and to my astonishment this company purposely packed in unused sound files that was not used in the game. It actually irritated me because I felt cheated. So many quest from the civil war that could've been beneficial with the unused sound files that Bethesda failed to add in to the game. Why clog up our hard drives with unused files? Also Bethesda fail to provide adequate amount of time for beta testing. This game is loaded with bugs and glitches that even the current patch still hasn't fix yet. How can you call this game a Rping game when you keep getting interrupted with glitches and bugs? You must stop and try to correct it with console commands, but even then the glitch can be so bad that the console command doesn't work, and you're left having to scratch your head with confusion and then irritation. Take the blood on ice for prime example.

The newest Dawnguard DLC is broken and poorly written. Glitches and bugs are also included in this DLC. If you dismiss Serana it is a possibility that you will never have her to be your follower again because of a nasty glitch. Also Vingalmo keeps sending you back to the same people that you gave Harkon's gift to. I must always have to use the console code to complete this quest otherwise I cannot complete it. Why didn't Bethesda caught on to this prior to the release?

Bethesda overcharges for their games. Skyrim, although the graphics are nice, should of never been marked as a 60 dollar game and the same goes for Dawngard DLC being 20 dollars. Skyrim with all the bugs and glitches should been 20 dollars and Dawnguard 5 dollars because it's incomplete work.

If anyone is setting up a class action lawsuit against Bethesda Softworks LLC please contact me because I would like to be on the list. It's software companies like Bethesda that need to be prosecuted for ripping people out of their hard earned money. Had Bethesda sold broken down cars to people they would've been fully investigated by the state attorney and be prosecuted with the full extend of the law.

Oh and one more thing that irritates me about this company. They create an Online forum where people can register and submit their issues on the PC Hardware and Software Support section. I would think that since we live in a day where the Internet is quite known that they would use this technology to their advantage, but no. They provide NO tech support whatsoever on their forums. It's always have to be another member that has to help you, not one of the staffs. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and lack of customer service. Whats the point of having a forum if you're not going to provide care for your customers? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Had I been running this company I would've never let this happen.

Monetary Loss: $73.

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