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I bought the hearthfire and dawnguard add ons for skyrim on ps3 I've got past the required quest to get dawnguard followers but no dialogue to do that, can't get durak (the orc) to make me accepted in orc strongholds, also my steward for my house Lakeview manor, is the worst decorator ever, there's cupboards in the middle of rooms, animal heads on the Brown boards where weapon racks go, the red weapon despair racks are old on there and my weapons show up floating underneath them, literally the whole place is a *** hole that I worked hard building the thing, also when bandits or giant attacks happen and I kill them and also dragons their body's stay scattered about the outside of my house and inside, even though I've said to furnish house and paid for the whole house furnished , half the house is completely bare and the stuff that is there is placed in *** places like cupboards in the middle of the room, and all the stuff I mentioned before and also my steward died and it now won't let me get another one, and rooms the steward apparently furnished I now apparently can't build my own stuff like fireplace, when there's literally nothing there, so my house is a *** hole and someone had the bright idea to make it not possible to remove stuff you don't want or clear the room and start again? Honestly? also a lot of the weapon racks are like hidden behind other rubbish

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