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Who else is sick and tired of Bethesda software? Such games are Fallout3, Fallout4:New Vegas, Oblivion, Brink, and the list goes on and on....But this is enough to get my point.

What I'm sick of is all of the bugs. Why do they release a game that hasn't been tested enough to get the bugs out? I know it's a supply, demand thing, but we demand the best of games, not the instant release and we suffer the loss of $ because it's so *** that we can't even beat the *** game for all of the *** they haven't fixed.

I say we get a stronger group of people just as disappointed and pissed about the games to help spread the word and get results. We need to get the video game affiliates together to help make new laws and regulations about not releasing *** to the public when it's not ready.

I've lost a lot of money buying Bethesda *** games, and refuse to any longer. At least until they put out a patch to fix the games they already have out instead of making another game that's going to do the same *** as their last release.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Video Game.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I have bought All of the Elder Scrolls games and Fallout games.

Fallout 4 is it for me.

I am done.

I will never buy another game from Bethesda no matter how awesome the game looks.

I am sick of wanting to break my computer because an awesome looking game does not work.

Game review companies should give Bethesda games lower reviews because their games simply suck.

It does not matter how awesome a game is if it does not work then it sucks.

I will play old NES games preferably to even playing a free cracked version of Bethesda's new *** Fallout 5 or elder scrolls 6. Fu$# Bethesda!


For Fallout New Vegas My System EXCEEDS the Requirements for the Game, as Originally Produced, AMD Athlon: Dual Core 3.03 Ghz, 8 GB DDR-3, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Graphics Card, 750 GB, Sata 3 Hard Drive, With Windows XP, Service Pack 3 + I've been through all of these steps, (and much much more!) to say it's Nvida cards, isn't correct, becuse ATI Video cards crash too. shutting off Aniti Aliasing, no different than leaving it on.

I've been through adding lines to the .INI files, to reduce the crashes, Using 4GB launcher, no mods, updated Video card drivers, updated Direct X, Shut off the Auto Save feature, removed and reinstalled Fallout NV and Steam, and I've followed Steam Tech Supports instructions, Bethsoft Tech Supports instructions, Microsoft Tech Support, Norton or No Norton,,,,and still game will crash, sometimes it locks up after fast travel, or going through a door so hard, it locks up the whole system, and I have to do a Hard Re-boot. Other times, it just quits to the desk top. there are ONLY 2 games installed on my system, Fallout 3 (Which NEVER crashes!) and Fallout New Vegas, which always crashes! (it might crash 5 minutes after startup, it might crash 5 hours after start up, but no matter what it will crash!

90% of the Error Logs I get are STEAM errors, a few Fallout NV errors.

(yes I have also tried a different Computer and YES the results were the same!) So I guess I'll have to face the facts that Bethsoft and Steam, have yet to come up with a solution to fix the crashing. The Crash issue is not solved, there are thousands of people that are experiencing the same problems, with crashing, and still no good answers.


a game like sky rim is great but i get pissed off when some one dies and you can't finish the mission or when the game freezes just fixing the little things would make them so much better


It truely is pathetic. only series I've bout was FO3. Every since going through all the bugs crashes etc... I said this is the first and last bathesda game I will ever buy again. It's so effin sad that it takes modders to come up with a solution (performance wise) to decrease the crashes or help fps depending the system you play on.

I've been on FFXI (totally different company but in regards of the same situation) since 2003. SE is probably the most piece of sh_t company that exists. You wanna talk about stabbing us players in the back. Everytime they release new contect they end up nerfing just bout everything to upset players. They try to balance the game out (which I understand) but I swear they have a bunch of brainless monkies working for SE. What happens to your account if someone hacks it? Well you are aloud to do a recovery only once. After that you are screwed... Happened to me and they never recovered all my things but it was either that or nothing.

When I read about FF14 being another mmo I knew it was going to be a failure (and I'm so effin glad). Lets face it. SE + MMO = no no

11 had a great concept for being the first mmo released but they totally monopolize it. All those who remember the RMT/gil sellers? Who else was it behind it? I strongly had the feeling SE was behind it all along. I'm still on 11 only because of friends. After 11 I never will ever support square enix ever again. Not even a single player game and I hope many out there share the same opinion. Bunch of backward racists monkies only care bout jp players.



That's right! It's called voting with your wallet in a free market. These kiddos think that this is just the way it is. Well, I, for one, don't like buying defective products. Two, there are better game companies out there so give your money to the ones who work harder.

This is the same reason I refuse to install steam (or use Apple products) because of their backdoor spying on my system, data mining, and forced updates.

If you aren't committed to your customers someone else is going to take your place. That's what being a free man in a capitalist market is ALL about!


Amen to that brother - we need to start boycotting these people. This is just another example of the 1% screwing over the rest of us (corporations really don't give a *** about you or whether or not you like their ***, they just want your money...

period). Boycotting this *** is the ONLY way to get the point across, their games may be fun - but the fun is at the cost of a lot of bugs that make playing the game almost impossible to enjoy. Here's a message to you bethesda (and Todd Howard) stop making *** bug ridden games or we will stop buying your ***.

And to all you *** that are reading this and saying "what an ***" - All I have to say is...

*** YOU you lazy *** apathetic losers! Shut the *** up, get the *** out of our way and let us do something for a change to try and make the people responsible fix this ***.