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I recived a bann over a month ago in the game fallout 76 for being accused of dupping. Not only have i never done anything of the sort or been involved with others doing so, I dont even know how to dupp.

Everything that i had on my character i had eaither traded or forged for. I would offten trade my building skills for gifts, caps, and donations of other items and wepons. That being said, i have been a long time Bethesda fan and have played all of your games. I am just at a complete loss as to why my account got banned.

In the email i received it said i had over 100000 of rare items. I know this for a fact to be false, i had no items in excess of 100000. I just want my account back or a refund for the game i bought (preferably my account back). I had loged hundreds of hours into the game and alot of hard work building.

I really would like a response seeing how ive wated over a month to see when my account would be reactivated. You can contact me via email @ mccoy.a.douglas@gmail.com or cell phone at 7072569214.

Thank you for your time,

Doug McCoy

Product or Service Mentioned: Bethesda Softworks Fallout 76 Video Game.

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